Our Consultant

Michael J. Halter, MS, CSP, CPCU

Director of Loss Control

Mike is a Certified Safety Professional with over 30 years of safety and health consulting experience. He holds a masters degree industrial engineering with a concentration in human factors and ergonomics. Mike has been a speaker at major safety conferences, local safety events, safety day meetings, client meetings, and at colleges and universities. He has completed work across the United States, Canada, Europe, and China.

Mike’s client work focuses on helping businesses implement effective safety programs that prevent accidents, improve regulatory compliance, and lower costs. His risk assessment work activities include completing best practices evaluations, safety and health risk assessments, regulatory compliance audits (i.e., OSHA), safety culture surveys, ergonomics evaluations, industrial hygiene surveys, machine guarding assessments, and construction safety inspections.

In addition to completing risk assessments, Mike helps clients develop and implement written safety programs, inspection protocols, training materials, and accountability systems to improve safety performance. He has helped clients implement safety management systems such as OHSAS 18001 and OSHA VPP, worked with behavior based safety programs, helped insurance trusts and captives implement loss control programs that protect the interests of all members, and developed self-inspection systems that significantly lowered loss experience on OCIPs and ROCIP.

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