Alera Group values an inclusive and diverse work environment.

For us, it begins with the five guiding principles of The Collaborative Way listening generously, speaking straight, honoring commitments, acknowledgment and appreciation and being for each other— that drive inclusion. We recognize fostering a culture where everyone is included and valued is a critical part of providing best-in-class solutions to our clients. We are proud of all our associates, each of whom bring differing perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, identities, skills, and abilities. We believe this combination drives better decision making, inspires innovation, and increases organizational efficiency for the betterment of our clients, our industry and the communities we serve.


Our Internal Inclusion and Diversity Mission Statement

To foster a culture of respect and belonging that values the uniqueness
of the individual to grow, innovate and strategically advance Alera Group.


The Collaborative Way

As part of The Collaborative Way, we listen generously and speak straight to one another, allowing for both difficult conversations and the uncovering of unique ideas and perspectives. We honor our commitments and acknowledge and appreciate our teams which ultimately encourages the development of innovative ideas and solutions. Being there for each other within our inclusive culture provides our associates a workplace to thrive and be their best selves at work.

Under the leadership of Alera Group’s internal Inclusion and Diversity Council, we host I&D-focused educational events, provide mentorship opportunities, promote wellness programs, develop internal I&D champions and spark authentic conversations both inside and outside of Alera Group. We recognize that our differences are a key part of our being “Stronger Together.” We cherish everyone who contributes their unique backgrounds, experiences and skills to achieve better business results. We strive to hire, attract and retain a diverse workforce.

In 2022, Our Key Initiatives include:

Building Together

Building a national I&D Champion Program to promote further inclusion and diversity with a focus on a culture of fairness, equality and belonging


Developing self-paced I&D training modules for all colleagues


Creating a national platform for I&D learning with a focus on awareness, advocacy, empowerment, sponsorship and mentorship


Creating a scalable I&D leadership playbook which guides our leaders on proactive I&D best practices


Continuing participation through a second cohort in the e-Cornell Certificate Program addressing improved engagement, counteracting unconscious bias and fostering an inclusive work environment from compliance to strategy

Why is Inclusion & Diversity important to Alera, and to you?

Excerpts of testimonials from your colleagues around Alera — Join the conversation on ARCH!

Every aspect of my life experiences has had, and continues to have, significant impact on how, why and when I speak up or remain quiet. Through my personal championship of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity, I help others to recognize and to have the deeply-rooted satisfaction in knowing and feeling that YES, I DO MATTER!

Marian Young

HR Business Partner for Alera Group

If we are truly going to be for each other we have to do so without exception. I love Alera Group and know that the best legacy I can leave is a strong healthy company which includes a company that has an inclusive and diverse base of colleagues.

Alan Levitz

CEO for Alera Group

It’s cool to collaborate with people from a range of backgrounds and experiences. [This leads to] better results and engagement, which fosters workplace satisfaction and the feeling of team unity. This can’t just be an initiative, I believe in order for this to succeed, it has to be interwoven into the fabric of Alera and a fundamental part of everything we do.

Brooke Dedmon

Human Capital Advisor for Alera Group Texas

The best collaboration happens when you have many viewpoints and everyone feels comfortable that A) they are welcome to contribute and B) have the capacity and means to contribute. …we are here to support ALL people. Some may not be strong enough or feel they have a voice, by standing together we can be that support and voice so no one has to feel alone or that they are not ‘enough’.

Brian Parker

VP National Benefits Technology & Services Leader

We are better able to serve our employees, clients, communities and ourselves when we endeavor to be open, curious and appreciative of others. It is a personal goal for me to continue to learn and grow beyond the biased assumptions that were a part of my environment growing up.

Gordon St. John

Senior Partner for Alera Villanova

We have a moral obligation to ensure that every person who works at Alera believes that he/she/they belong here and are an important part of our organization. I’ve spent my adult life supporting diversity (and inclusion) efforts both at home and in my community.

Peter Marathas

Chief Legal Officer for Alera Group

…fostering a company culture that seeks to elevate, connect and empower colleagues of all backgrounds creates a winning experience for our internal teammates and our clients too! …everyone deserves a voice at the table, a generous ear to hear their story and uninhibited access to the tools, resources and opportunities that support their needs.

Hope Henderson

Communications Specialist for Alera Group Marketing

Our people and practices should reflect the many faces of our country and industry. I’ve been a person who’s been normally categorized or had judgments his whole life by his race, orientation, economic upbringing, and relation to immigrant parents. Yet, I’ve had a strong sense that what I am is not who I am.

Gerardo Chavez

Director of Benefits Technology and Client Solutions for GCG Financial

I have always considered myself open-minded but am regularly surprised about how much more I have to learn. I am routinely humbled by how insightful my coworkers are on this critical subject.

Jennifer Bundy-Cobb

Managing Partner for Wilson Albers

I have faced many challenges directly related to my gender. That said, I recognize that I am also privileged in countless ways, and that many others have and continue to face even greater obstacles. [These obstacles] impede their ability to show up and bring their best selves to the workplace, to work projects and even to professional conversations.

Carla DeMello

President of EB for GCG Financial

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