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Insurance for Equipment Dealers

Equipment dealers play an essential role in the construction, manufacturing, and agricultural industries by supplying the necessary machinery and equipment. As with any industry, equipment dealers face several risks, including liability claims, property damage, and loss of inventory.

To protect themselves from these potential risks, equipment dealers require customized coverage to their specific needs.

For example, dealers who operate heavy equipment may require additional coverage for product liability or commercial auto insurance. Dealers who provide equipment rental services may need coverage for loss of rental income or equipment damage caused by renters.


Working with an experience insurance provider who understands the equipment dealers industry can help ensure that businesses have the right coverage for their specific needs.

Finally, equipment dealers’ insurance coverage can also provide protection for businesses that operate in multiple locations or have employees working in different states. Equipment dealers’ insurance policies can also provide coverage for other risks such as fire, theft, and vandalism. With the right coverage, equipment dealers can protect their businesses and continue to serve their customers with confidence.

“HF&C is an awesome longtime partner. The professionalism of HF&C Workers Compensation team that I am fortunate to work with are very responsive to all difficult matters that either I or my valued members face. Their perseverance and patience to get them resolved very quickly certainly pays big dividends both to our members and our business. We are very successful in the insurance products HF&C provides to us because of HF&C’s diligent and caring efforts to support us in our customer service initiatives. I cannot be more pleased in their execution and attention to details in everything they do.”

Ralph F. Gaiss

Northeast Equipment Dealers Association, Inc.


Northeast Equipment Dealers Association, Inc.

At Haylor, we’re always looking for ways to help bring more comprehensive, affordable coverage and more value to customers in a variety of industries. As part of this effort, we connect members of the Northeast Equipment Dealers Association with special workers’ compensation purchasing opportunities through the NEDA Workers’ Compensation Safety Group.

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