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Your house or condo is so much more than a roof over your head. It’s a home to everything you value. That’s why Haylor, Freyer & Coon provides a comprehensive offering of homeowners policies to protect you today and for years to come. In other words, even as home prices, construction costs, and the value of your possessions fluctuate, our commitment to providing the exact home insurance you need does not.


Home Coverage Explained

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A Basic Home Liability Insurance Policy may include:

Building Property Coverage – Covers losses or damage to the dwelling

Personal Property Coverage – Covers for loss or damage to your personal items up to a certain limit

Other Structures – Other structures on the property not attached to the home

Additional Living Expenses – Provides relocation or housing assistance in the event your home is damaged and becomes uninhabitable

Personal Liability – Protection from damages or injuries associated when you or someone in your household injures other people or property

Reasons we recommend Supplemental Home Insurance Coverage

Flood Coverage – Coverage for loss or damages as a result of a flood

Water Backup – Coverage for when there is water damage as a result of a backed up drain or sump pump

Service Line Coverage – Coverage for pipes and wiring that come into the property that become damaged

Personal Injury Coverage – Broad coverage for when you injure or damage someone or their property.(i.e., libel, slander, wrongful detention, mental injury, emotional distress)

Valuables Coverage – Coverage may be limited on any loss or damage to your valuable items


Home Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my home insurance cover flooding?

Flooding is not covered under home policies. You would need a flood insurance policy for coverage.

Does my home insurance cover break-ins/burglary?

Yes, burglary & break-ins are covered.

Does my homeowners policy cover collections/valuable articles?

Unless valuable items are specifically scheduled, you may not receive a full reimbursement for them. See valuable articles insurance for more information.

Know your home insurance coverage*

Replacement Cost Value & Actual Cash Value

Ensure that your house and its contents are covered at Replacement Cost Value* and not at Actual Cash Value*, so that in the event of a loss, you will be able to get a full replacement.

For Example: If you have a home with a value of $200,000 and you have $180,000 of flood coverage (this could represent your mortgage remainder amount), your loss settlement would be at Replacement Cost Value. If instead, you only purchase $100,000 of flood coverage, your loss reimbursement would be at Actual Cash Value, because you only had 50% coverage of your home’s value.

*Not applicable to all insurers and policies.

*Replacement Cost Value (RCV) is the cost to replace a part of a building that is damaged (without depreciation).

*Actual Cash Value (ACV) is the Replacement Cost Value at the time of loss, minus the value of its physical depreciation (age, wear & tear)


Protect what’s yours and guard against the unexpected

Renters / Tenant Insurance

When you don’t own your own home, a lot of things are outside of your control. The security of the things that matter to you is not one of them. At Haylor, Freyer & Coon, we know your possessions are important to you and we want to help keep them safe by offering renters insurance.

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Important Note: Everything listed on this page is meant as general information and the generalized policy descriptions are designed to help you understand the different coverage types. These guidelines and descriptions do not refer to any specific contract of insurance, carrier, or terms of service. They do not modify any definitions, exclusions, or any other provisions that are directly stated in any contract of insurance. We highly recommend that you speak with your insurance advisor and review your policy fully to understand your coverage.

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