In case of emergency, information regarding the office status will be available on this Website as soon as possible.

You can also try to call your own office location. If the phones are not working in your office, you should try the following:

  • Call the Syracuse Office at 1-800-289-1501
  • Call the CSR24 Contact Number at 1-866-430-5693. Leave a message with them and an HF&C Management Team member will call them to pick up the information.

In addition, as quickly as possible we will notify the following TV and Radio Stations of the Office Status.

woman on laptop

TV Stations:

  • WSTM Channel 3
  • WKTV Channel 2 (Utica)
  • WTVH Channel 5
  • Time Warner Cable News

Radio Stations:

  • WSYR (570am)
  • WYYY (Y94fm)
  • WBBS (B104.7fm)
  • WWHT (107.9fm)
  • WPHR (106.9fm)
  • 99.3 (fm)
  • WKRT (920am)
  • WIII (1100fm)


If there is an emergency specific to Haylor, Freyer & Coon, such as a fire in a specific location, causing the office to be closed, the information will be provided on all of the options noted above. In addition, you will receive a call from your Supervisor/Manager advising you of any specific instructions. If, due to an emergency, you have to leave your home and go to another location temporarily, contact us as soon as possible at the phone numbers listed above. PLEASE make sure to provide the Haylor, Freyer & Coon Human Resources Department (Tom Sharkey) with your updated address/phone # information should there ever be any changes.

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