Our Consultant

Caitlin Cregg

Risk Management Consultant

Caitlin specializes in providing risk management solutions to not-for-profit and social services organizations for the Central New York community. She handles the majority of the organizations represented by the agency and is fully versed in the complexities of their exposures and is dedicated to ensuring proper protection. Caitlin understands that not-for-profit status doesn’t reduce the exposure to property damage expenses or even lawsuits against directors and officers. This is why having the right kind of notfor-profit insurance is so important.

Prior to joining HF&C as a broker in 2014, Caitlin worked for a local not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing youth sport programs across the country. Her experience within the not-for-profit environment allowed her to gain valuable knowledge which has enhanced her ability to provide tailored solutions to this unique class of business. Caitlin also has risk management responsibilities in the Enterprise Business Unit handling a variety of businesses types and size.

Caitlin is a graduate from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s of Science degree. She obtained both her Property, Casualty, Personal, Life and Accident designations in 2014.

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