Abscope Environmental, Inc. is embarking upon its 25th year in business. As such, many of the professional relationships we’ve established over the years have transcended simple “relationships”; they have in fact, become partnerships. HFC has been our partners in the insurance business for over 3 years and the association has been nothing short of exceptional.

Abscope is in the environmental contracting business, performing work in multiple states. Our project mix is constantly changing, along with our site specific insurance needs. HFC goes way beyond simply providing us with insurance policies. They have become our partners in executing our contracts. Through their value added services of providing constant guidance on workers’ compensation issues, jobsite safety policies, contractual liability clauses, property damage claims and employment practices—HFC has taken an active role in becoming not only our insurance agency, but our risk managers.

Responsiveness in the environmental contracting business is paramount for success, and HFC has demonstrated the ability to get us what we need on an immediate basis. It is not uncommon for HFC to provide critical information to our management after business hours, via emails and cell calls.
HFC has certainly demonstrated its commitment to extending our “partnership” well into the future.

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